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On Apr, 24th GODZILLA ROOM will show up in HOTEL GRACERY Shinjuku

Special room which reproduces Godzilla world will open in Shinjuku.

There is 2 types of special room, "GODZILLA ROOM" and "GODZILLA VIEW ROOM".
"GODZILLA ROOM"you can have experience of the Godzilla world in this room "GODZILLA VIEW ROOM".
you can see "GODZILLA HEAD" from this room.

Once you step inside of "GODZILLA ROOM", You can feel like that you jump into the Godzilla world.
There are many surprises with a playful spirit in this room such as trick wall which react to black light and then arts appear on the wall.
Only here, you can have experience of the Godzilla world.

Movie posters

Godzilla shows up in front of you GODZILLA VIEW ROOM will open on Apr, 24th.

"GODZILLA HEAD" is the full scale art work at terrace on 8th floor.
From "GODZILLA VIEW ROOM", you can get a good view of "GODZILLA HEAD" and enjoy a sense of reality and a sense of presence.


※You can make reservations of "GODZILLA ROOM" or "GODZILLA VIEW ROOM" by only our website.

※Reservation site is under construction. You truly sorry but please wait a while now.

※We don't take reservations over the phone.

※We only accept credit card payment in advance.

※We charge a cancellation fee as listed below.

•If the reservation is canceled the day before check-in day: 20%.

•If the reservation is canceled on the day of check-in day: 80%.

•If no notice is received cancellation: 100%.

※We check your identification when you check in.

Please bring your identification card with face photo.

※We don't have a waiting list.

Message for Godzilla fans.

Please check message movies from our hôtelier who is big fan of Godzilla.

Only here

the original goods for Godzilla room.

We are waiting for you with special amenities and original godzilla goods.
Guests only staying at "GODZILLA ROOM" can get them.
There are many godzilla goods available.

Godzilla room-only amenities

Godzilla room-only amenities

Godzilla view room-only amenities

Godzilla view room-only amenities